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Llanddewi Skirrid (Welsh: Llanddewi Ysgyryd) is a beautiful village situated to the East of Abergavenny, along the A4521 Old Ross Road and under the shadow of the Skirrid Fawr mountain (also known as the Holy Mountain -- there was once a church on the summit). In some ways, it doesn't look like a village as many of the houses are spread widely along the roads. There are more houses along Brynygwenin road, which runs south from the edge of the village. Just for confusion, the parish of Llanddewi Skirrid includes only some of the houses along Brynygwenin road, although everyone is a part of the same great community.

In Welsh, Llanddewi Skirrid means 'The church of St David by the great divided hill', while Brynygwenin means 'bee hill'. Variants on spellings for Llanddewi include Llandewi and Llanthewy. Alternatives seen for Skirrid include Skyrrid, Sgyrid and, in the original Welsh, Ysgyryd.




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