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Llanddewi Skirrid Village Hall: Conditions of Hire

Also available as MSWord download: Llanddewi Skirrid Village Hall - Conditions of hire.doc

General Conditions:

  1. The hall will not be let to anyone under the age of 18 years and a responsible person not less than 18 years of age must be present in the hall throughout the period of hiring.
  2. The taking of illegal drugs and/or substance abuse in any form is strictly prohibited on the hall’s premises and grounds.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in any part of the hall and any cigarette ends or other litter outside the hall must be removed.
  4. Hirers must show respect for the hall’s neighbours including, but not limited to, ensuring that there is no excessive noise from activities inside or in the area surrounding the hall. The hall is licensed for music and dancing only for the hours of 09.00 to 24.00 (Monday to Friday), 09.00 to 23.45 (Saturday) and 19.00 to 22.30 (Sunday).
  5. All floors must be swept and, where necessary, washed after use and all rubbish must be taken away from the premises immediately after the booking.
  6. At the end of the hiring period the instructions in the ‘closing up’ checklist must be followed. Any damage to the equipment or fabric of the hall arising during the period of hiring and any malfunction of equipment must be notified at the time that the key is returned. Repairs or replacements required as a result of damage to the equipment or fabric of the hall will be charged at cost.
  7. Drawing pins, nails etc. must not be used to secure decorations etc..
  8. Duplicates of the hall keys must not be made.

Use of Equipment:

  1. Chairs and tables taken from the storage room must be returned there after use and stacked tidily.
  2. Cutlery, crockery and any other kitchen equipment must be washed and dried thoroughly after use before replacing in storage cupboards.
  3. The cooker, worktops, sink and draining board must be left in a clean condition.
  4. Any electrical equipment brought into the hall must covered by a current test report.

Safety and Security

  1. The hall is licensed for a maximum of 90 persons.
  2. Hirers should familiarise themselves with the hall, especially the emergency exits and location and operation of the fire extinguishers.
  3. The outer front door of the hall must remain fixed fully open at all times when people are in the hall.
  4. No obstructions must be allowed to hinder any of the three emergency exits from the hall.
  5. All children visiting the hall must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Responsibilities and Liabilities

  1. It is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that they have appropriate and adequate insurance cover in respect of their activities whilst on the premises.
  2. The Administrative Committee of the hall does not accept any liability for injury suffered or loss or damage incurred as a result of the hirer’s occupation of the hall, the surrounding grounds or car park nor from misuse of any of the equipment in the hall.
  3. The Administrative Committee of the hall does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising from its cancellation or termination of a hiring for whatever reason.
  4. The hirer indemnifies in full the Administrative Committee for any cost, claim or penalty arising as a result of the hiring.

Issued: 30 June 2004



Bookings forms should be returned to the Lettings Secretary: Mrs M Bennett, Middle House, Llanddewi Skirrid, Abergavenny NP7 8AW. Queries concerning any aspect of use of the Hall should be addressed to Mrs Bennett (01873 852744 or hallbookings@llanddewiskirrid.co.uk).